MODERN TECH (Ages 8 – 10) – An introduction to modern dance.

TEEN MODERN (Ages 13+) – A beginner advanced modern course offering emphasis on technique and knowledge of modern dance.

The Following Classes Require Placement by Instructor

MODERN I* (Ages 10+) – A beginning level of exploring modern dance training and technique.

MODERN II* (ages 11+) – An intermediate level class exploring the varying techniques in modern dance. Requirements: At least one year of modern and any level ballet at WEAD.

ADVANCED MODERN* (Ages 13+) – Preprofessional level of modern dance offering strict emphasis on technique as well as dance education. Requirements: at least two years of modern, and enrolled in Advanced Ballet.

PAUL TAYLOR TECHNIQUE* (Ages 13+) – A repertory bases class of Paul Taylor style and Technique.

*Ballet Co-Requisite Required